Insights into Liedstadt?

Ei willkommen,
ei willkommen

Ei willkommen,
ei willkommen


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time travel

Come with me to Jägerstraße at Berlin’s Gendarmenmarkt. Young artists will take you by the hand together with Clemens Brentano. And the miller maiden herself sings! „Ich hab das Grün so gern!“


If you just want to hear Franz Schubert’s Müller-Lieder, you’ve come to the right place. Well, what does it mean here… Anyone who has ever experienced this, can sing a song about it!


Experience Schubert with all your senses – here you will find special events. A whole miller’s day on a mill estate, a culinary country outing, a mini festival. Immerse yourself in this world!

you can find


das muss ein schlechter Müller sein,
dem niemals fiel das Wandern ein

das muss ein schlechter Müller sein,
dem niemals fiel das Wandern ein

ich möchte ziehen in die Welt hinaus,
hinaus in die weite Welt

Julian Prégardien wandering
His companion: Daniel Heide, pianist

Miller*in Vienna

Artistic residency under the patronage of Franz Welser-Möst
With friendly support from Bösendorfer GmbH

16.- 29. October 2023

am Bach viel kleine Blumen stehen

am Bach viel kleine Blumen stehen


Geselle! Gesellin!

Julian Prégardien

The exceptional singer is the head of P.RHÈI. He loves nothing more than Schubert’s songs. At least for now. Everything flows… picture: Atelier Fleckenstein

Daniel Heide

The pianist and Bohemian from Weimar has his artistic home at Ettersburg Castle. He is the favorite collaborator of many singers. picture: Guido Werner

Johannes Held

The Swabian Berliner is a Lied missionary. He has sung the Winterreise more often than almost anyone else, and directs the first German art song festival in Sindelfingen. picture: Jens Oellermann

Franz ­Welser-Möst

The patron of the Miller*in project: “Julian Prégardien, one of the greatest Schubert song interpreters of our time, brings Franz Schubert home.“ picture: Julia Wesely

Kristian Bezuidenhout

is a magician on the fortepiano keys. He is also artistic co-director of the legendary Freiburg Baroque Orchestra. picture: Marco Borggreve

Neus Estarellas ­

is a musical jack-of-all-trades. And sommelier. And a diver. A great companion for a Winter-Weltreise. picture: Ane Yarza

Natasha Loges ­

is a musicology professor at the Freiburg University of Music. Her specialty: The performance practice of Lied. picture: Hochschule für Musik Freiburg

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